dec 2009 - jan 2010

friends + fun + films + photos + music + visuals + chalk + walls + iced gems + jools holland on screen at the bells = project slogan's first hogmanay party! normally we put on a party at xmas but this year we welcomed in 2010 at the gallery in style

oh aye

dec 2009

this collaborative exhibition came about when local artists gudrun bombosch and margaret stewart met with the loch court knitting group at an open day where they were selling recycled knitted accessories previously this year. the aim of 'oh aye' was to overcome thresholds of generation, age and cultural backgrounds through the shared interest in knitting. the exhibition also gave place to a series of events including a knitting workshop, yarn bombing and bingo night at the gallery

tender redneck

nov 2009

in this solo show by moray hilary he installed a series of drawings and sculptures. i
n essence the work attempts to create evocative methods of picture making. it would propose that through multifarious means it is possible to take painting to unusual and metaphoric places, away from the canvas and stretcher. his work encourages playful spatial interventions, that challenge the audience’s perceptual and intellectual capacities

methods of killing

oct 2009

in this exhibition sculptor francesca nobilucci installs her piece 'methods of killing'. the velvet upholstered sofa is in the shape of a pie chart and represents data, taken form the scottish government, of the most popular methods of homocide in scotland


oct-nov 2009

this exhibition by ally wallace combines new work made specifically for this gallery space and one small sculpture made about 10 months previously. the large sculpture features a painted image derived from photographs in an old book about austria. some of the 2-D works on the walls were copied from his sketch book. the images are from various sources including sketches of shop signs