this is the kit

jan 2012

this is the kit are tipped for excellence this year in the music business and along with lost and found promotions we were so excited to bring this amazing band along with great support to project slogan. it was a sell out as we knew it would be

ch ch ch ch changes

dear everyone
as of april 2012 project slogan is changing. I've been running project slogan for 5 years now but now it's time for some fresh blood to carry on our work in aberdeen. for my career in fine art I am moving to glasgow in april 2012 to occupy my new studio there. although I will still be managing the group of people running the space in aberdeen, I have chosen now to pass on our cultural schedule to our new consortium of members. I'm looking forward to seeing what new and exciting events and projects come out of project slogan aberdeen in the next 5 years

I want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the people and friends that have helped and volunteers over the past 5 years. when I started project slogan in 2007 I rented the cheapest shop I could get my hands on, split it into a gallery and a studio, and the rest has come from that. for me personally, project slogan has always been a way to learn skills and to contribute culture to aberdeen and the creatives living here. I am proud to say that in our 5 years so far we have stuck to our original vision statement which is to support art and culture in our city, facilitate emerging and young artists, and to nurture experimentation in art and new art

project slogan will be starting up some events in glasgow in 2012 which is an exciting expansion for us and a chance to expand our audience scotland wide

big thanks to aberdeen for your beautiful location on this earth, wasps artists studios for believing in project slogan and helping us grow, grays school of art for supporting young artists in aberdeen, creative scotland, chris mellor (the one good arts officer aberdeen city council, briefly, had), big lottery fund, all my mates who've helped out at events and to borrow equipment from, and everyone who has supported in any small way be it a fiver when we were poor, word of mouth promotion and by coming to events and having a beer in the gallery with us

I personally have had so many good times running project slogan and I think the best thing to do now is to try and give that opportunity to others living in aberdeen while I take project slogan into different realms, not necessarily bound to a 'gallery' format. thanks everyone for help and support and please KEEP ON SUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL ART GALLERY. it's so important and without you, things like project slogan would never survive

you'll catch me in project slogan aberdeen from time to time but I'll be in the wings. please get involved with making culture happen in aberdeen, it's a strange place, but it needs all the love it can get

kindest regards
sarah j stanley
project slogan director