mar 2009

katie guthrie covered the entire gallery roof to floor, wall to wall in yellow paint and wool. simple.

clip clop

mar 2009

as part of our yearly quarter of programme exclusively for gray's school of art students, we welcomed our first show by the artist duo "hear no evil see no evil" made up of alice bethune spicer and jasmin bray triance whilst in their final year at the art school. the event was an interactive drawing and sound project resulting in a wide range of drawings done by all participants

alice meyers - residency

mar 2009

photographer alice meyers spent the best of two weeks in gallery 2 inviting people to come and share old or new photos, snap shots or masterpieces, have tea and a biscuit and chat. She displayed a set of her own prints large format and had books available to view

chrishmash 2008

dec 2008

all project slogan patrons and their friends and acquaintances partied hearty at the thought of xmas and a new of art related events at the gallery. we all crammed into gallery 2 with decorations, music, party poppers and appropriate refreshments ;) a good time was had by all!

image after memory

feb 2009

in an adaption of a previous show of a similar tact, artist rowan corkhill installed three large light boxes full of old photographs with no light except that which came out of their eyes where he had poked holes with a pin. he also had made an eerie and subtle sound piece looped during the show

performance outside aberdeen art gallery

may 2008

the two performance artists jean-pierre lapeyre (as his alias jack the hardworker) and jo muir (as a giant cardboard smile) generated a lot of interest with their compelling live performance held outside the aberdeen art gallery in the city centre. the performance, coinciding with an annual exhibition at the art gallery, raised issues about working as a contemporary artist today and attracted a very interesting audience

Live Paint Jam @ Project Slogan from MOC Productions on Vimeo.