studio press

may 2010

artists made books and artists self published books and zines. in a showcase of around 30 different artists from places local, in the UK and europe, studio press was a pick-up-and-read/look extravaganza! lots of illustration, stories, poetry and prints etc to keep the eyes and mind occupied. you could buy your favourite too! project slogan hopes to follow the success of this show with another studio press next year :)

dweller and katerwaul

may 2008

secret gig hosted at project slogan for aberdeen based bands dweller and katerwaul. wasn't quite so 'secret' once they started playing

self and selflessness

mar - apr 2010

art students karen law and nik lowitt constructed a booth with a large two way mirror side on the window of the gallery. from the outside it looked like a massive mirror but inside were karen and nik observing, taking pictures and other such voyeuristic documentations. as a kind of commentary on their 'stay' in the booth, they installed an exhibition of text works, film and photography inspired by what they has seen and heard during the two weeks previously. of course all identities were obscured when appropriate.