4th estate launch

feb 2011

project slogan hosts the launch of the first ever issue of the 4th estate, aberdeen's newest journalistic publication

'The 4th Estate, in its most basic sense, refers to an influential – yet unofficial – societal force, and is today most often applied to print journalism. The name was chosen both to acknowledge the value that is placed in the media, as well as to call attention to the tendency of major media outlets towards particular political and cultural biases, be they expressly stated or not. At the heart of this publication is the belief that any view that stands up to criticism, is insightful, interesting and challenging, is worthy of a place in print alongside a multitude of others, including those that may contradict it.
We provide a platform for writers and artists to express themselves without the limitations of editorial hierarchy, or Editors-in-Chief. We see no need for regular columns, or to direct a writer’s ideas at all. Our primary concern is with the quality, not the content, of our material, allowing us to tackle whatever subjects take our fancy.
All of our contributors are dedicated volunteers, so we may focus on maintaining our ethos of free speech, encouraging thought-provoking perspectives, inviting debate and sparking imagination. We also strive to help independent artistic and community minded enterprises, bringing our audience's attention to those we, as a group, feel deserve our support for the good work they do.'