teenage riot

feb 2011

in association with VICE UK and their plight to get this film shown around the UK as much as possible, we screened the film 'teenage riot' at project slogan.

'People in Britain like to call the youth apathetic, but once they stormed the Tory Party HQ at Millbank in response to the coalition government’s raising of student fees, everyone started calling them thugs instead.

In “Teenage Riot” VBS follows the progress of the largest period of civil unrest in England since the 80s; from the newly politicised teenagers screaming abuse at the leaders, to the anarchists praying for a popular uprising and the gangs who use the protests as an opportunity for theft and violence.

Mainstream media have their accepted view of the events, but on the ground, away from the press areas at protests (yes, they exist), it all looks very different. “Teenage Riot” shows the embarrassing, scary, hilarious, revolutionary and inspiring things that happen when the youth question the state and asks: what will the legacy of these protests be? As state cuts spread, the police are preparing for more violent protests, lead by the armed teenage gangs who’ve tasted civil disobedience in the student protests of 2010. Is this really the start of a long period of violent public defiance, or just a meme in a balaclava?

During the making of this DIY film two VBS cameramen were beaten up by cops and one was mugged inside a protest. We spent a combined 150 hours in various “kettles” and we all had to suffer the indignity of watching our peers breakdance for justice. That was the worst bit.'

on a lighter note youtube clips screened before the film included 'let's get physical' by olivia newton john and 'teenage riot' by sonic youth